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It is a privilege to live in the United States of America.  We can travel, own, shop and become educated whenever and wherever we chose.  Yet, amidst all of the liberties and freedom we currently experience and enjoy, we must be cog...

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Help us take this mission of changing and empowering the lives of inner city young men all across this nation? Your contribution will help us absorb some of the costs for the tremendous vision.

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WOW! While visiting your website I had goose bumps! I applaud what you are doing! Tied To Greatness? even the name is perfect. Thank you for thinking of this, thank you for walking the walk and not just talking the talk, thank you for reaching ...

S.L. Taylor, Columbus, Ohio

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63 men 'show up' for Men's Day in Teaneck
One of the most remarkable and memorable moments in Teaneck occurred at Benjamin Franklin Middle School on Jan. 26th.  Click here to read more.
(Thursday, February 4, 2010)

Tying It All Together
"Growing up, I assumed everyone came from the same environment where your father teaches you how to shave, shine your shoes, and tie a tie", says Alex O. Ellis, a custom clothier.  "Bu...
(Monday, December 1, 2008)

Dressing for the Occasion: Job Interview
Dressing for an interview should be taken very seriously. No matter what the position is, an interviewer automatically gives credibility to a well-dressed man. Let me be the first to encourage you to do y...
(Thursday, February 21, 2008)

Hip Hop 360 Degrees
It's been over twenty years now and its safe to say that hip hop is not the fad it once was during its infancy stages of Rappers Delight. Hip Hop has become and mainstream. It is not just rap music, it is...
(Tuesday, January 15, 2008)

The Power of the Media
The media has and always will have an overwhelming influence on image. Whether its magazines, television, the internet or other advertising outlets, what we see impacts our buying decisions and affects ou...
(Sunday, January 6, 2008)

Men from the Harlem Renaissance
I have been fascinated with the period between the 1920s and 1930s in Harlem, New York because of the cultural movement and sense of freedom for Blacks and West Indians. Despite protests for equality...
(Thursday, January 3, 2008)

Image is Everything!
In today's society, image is a very powerful concept. If managed well, it can open doors and cause others to see you in a very positive light. The converse is also true. If neglected or taken lightly, you...
(Tuesday, January 1, 2008)