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It is a privilege to live in the United States of America.  We can travel, own, shop and become educated whenever and wherever we chose.  Yet, amidst all of the liberties and freedom we currently experience and enjoy, we must be cog...

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Help us take this mission of changing and empowering the lives of inner city young men all across this nation? Your contribution will help us absorb some of the costs for the tremendous vision.

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I am so excited about your efforts for our youth. I live in Charlotte, NC and want to know if you have a chapter in NC? God Bless you and I pray that it is returned to you 100 fold!!

Joanna Dargan-Grier, Charlotte, NC

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Key Program Elements

The Tied To Greatness Tour travels to cities around the world and hosts local events for at-risk middle and high school young men of color, with the vision of inspiring this generation through personal touch and principled-based dialogue. We strive to reconnect young men to their rich history of men who dressed well, carried themselves with dignity and accomplished great things in society.

Key components are:

Tied To Greatness Assembly – Hosted by Alex Ellis, local businessmen, athletes, officials, community leaders, entertainers and educators who speak to the young men about the importance of self image, work ethics, education and what it means to be truly great. 

Special Guest Entertainment - The young men are treated to an electrifying show by singers, dancers or spoken word artists who not only inspire the young men by their performances, but also through their stories of how they rose to success and what it took for them to get there.

Tie Tying Ceremony – Each young man is given a tie (which he keeps), and is taught how to tie it as a “rite of passage” and symbol of self esteem and personal pride in appearance.  The ties are donated by sponsoring corporations, businesses and individuals.

Tied to Greatness Pledge – Each young man recites the pledge as a declaration that he will finish his education, strive to live a better life and be more conscious of his personal image.

Restoring the Male Image Book – Each young man is presented with a personal copy of Alex Ellis’ award-winning book, Restoring the Male Image: A Look From the Inside Out, to take home.

Photo Ops – Pictures can be taken of the young men with the celebrities and male role models who participated.